Ruga Swan
SafeCorr grey acid-free corrugated board
Springfield Museums, Springfield, Massachusetts, 2015
Hermitage Museume & Garden, Norfold, Virginai, 2015
Clay Center of the Arts & Sciences, Charleston, West Virgina, 2015
Longmont Museume, Longmont, Colorado, 2016
Japapnese American National Museum, Los Angeles, California, 2016
“Ruga” is a Latin word for making winkles, creases, and folds, and the word has recently been used by material scientists to describe these various qualities. The crease pattern of Ruga Swan was developed based on the Yoshimura pattern, which is known for its ability to produce an approximated arc form that has great structural stability. Ruga Swan is an example of irregular deployment of the Yoshimura pattern to create versatile and flexible architectural skins. The form was generated using parametric tools, computer simulations and small scale paper models. 

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