Ruga Lumina

Coroplast, video projection


Detroit Center for Design Technology, Detroit, Michigan


There is an increasing interest in interior design theory that focuses on understanding interior spaces as both the specifics of objects and environments within the interior and the subjects who experience them through their bodily presence. If a theory of interiority cannot simply be characterized by reference to qualities such as walls, ceilings and floors in a Cartesian space and by the objects and finishing contained in it, and we wish to engage physical and psychological body-space relationships as well, then what are some new spatial expressions that can affect our perception of space? What is our perception of a space? What does it mean to feel a space?


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Project credits:

Interaction Technology:  Kyle Overton

Fabrication: Steve Dixon, Ryan Mandell (MAD Lab, IU)

Production Assistant: Siqiao Gao


Link to a video of de-installation at DCTC. 


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